Goalscorer markets

I was taken to the Tottenham Juventus friendly and wanted to put on a few match specific bets.

I got 22/1 odds on a Kane hat trick with my usual sky bet app plus the same with Ladbrokes. For some reason utterly unbeknownst to me, William Hill have the best odds I have come across on hat tricks. This is a market I am desperate to catch, I have never profited from this before, but like any gambler, live in eternal hope.
He scored two hat tricks consecutively at the end of last season, and I hoped that he could do the same against Juve w my William Hill bet 35/1.


Five minutes before kick off as I downed my Carlsberg I stuck a fiver on Harry Kane to score the first goal. £5 at 11/2 he’s the sort of player you can see opening the scoring in any game. I shall repeat the tired refrain of anybody who has ever won a bet, I wish I had put more on it.
Sky bet do the widest range of markets I have come across, player to score from a header, et al.
I would never do a scorecast, (player plus final score), but I like a wincast if one goes for a 20/1 kind of option.

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